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Michigan Bihar – Friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan (MIBIHAR)

VISION: Promote and preserve social & cultural binding among the people of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan and create a sense of belonging for the future generations of the membership.
MISSION: Preserve and promote social, cultural and linguistic heritage of Bihar & Jharkhand by providing a common platform and an opportunity to a diverse membership.
Michigan Bihar – Friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan (MIBIHAR) is a non- profit ethnic, social, and cultural organization formed to unite and recognize people from Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan.

MIBIHAR‘s goal is to preserve & promote the traditional and cultural heritage unique to Bihar and Jharkhand. MIBIHAR strives to create an awareness & respect for Bihar and Jharkhand, India by providing a common platform for the entire MIBIHAR community to come together for various social, cultural and charitable events and causes. MIBIHAR is a diverse group of dedicated and motivated members serving the needs of all community members.

MIBIHAR is a young, yet a very dynamic organization registered as a nonprofit entity with the state and IRS (EIN# 45-4513209). Representing the population from Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan, the leadership and the management of this organization are deeply committed to meet the expectations of the MIBIHAR membership. The organization promotes diversity, accountability and transparency in all its tasks. MIBIHAR encourages open communication and believes in consensus building in all decision process. Integrity and Responsibility are benchmarks of this organization geared to create a sense of belongingness, respect and cultural identity for the membership. MIBIHAR cohesively strives to preserve MIBIHAR for future generations.

We encourage everybody to participate in MIBIHAR by becoming a member, volunteer, participate in all the activities organized by the organization and help us grow!

Thanks to all the members for their enthusiastic support and encouragement. Thanks to all the volunteers whose hard work culminated in the establishment of MIBIHAR as a strong, vibrant cultural organization.

Acknowledgement for spearheading causes those lead the foundation of Michigan Bihar – Friends of Bihar and Jharkhand in Michigan (MIBIHAR):

Bihar Flood Relief Fundraiser (2008) – Jaldhar Prasad, Sanjay Sinha, Saurabh Kumar & Ramraj Pandey

Founders and Webmasters of www.mibihar.com – An online tribute to Bihar & Jharkhand (2009) – Saurabh Kumar and Rachna Kumar

Bihar Diwas (2012) – www.mibihar.com, Saurabh Kumar, Rachna Kumar, Rumalees Indian Cuisine, Farmington Hills, Ranjana Sinha, Mr. Sanjay Sinha, Jaya Priyadarshini, Rakesh Verma, Shilpi Raman, Shailesh Raman, Namita Prasad, Kanish Mohan, Ramraj Pandey, Pallawi Narayan, Subir Kumar, Dolly Kumar, Sameer Kumar

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