Ann Arbor, Michigan rated one of the smartest cities in the US

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Ann Arbor, Cambridge, Berkeley are smartest big cities- G. Scott Thomas
They're three of America's best-known college towns, and they're also the three leaders in brainpower among the nation's major cities.

Ann Arbor, Mich.; Cambridge, Mass. and Berkeley, Calif., hold the top three places in On Numbers' analysis of educational attainment in 269 communities with more than 100,000 residents:
• Seventy-two percent of all adults (25 or older) hold bachelor's degrees in Ann Arbor, the home of the University of Michigan.University of Michigan and 43 percent also have advanced degrees. Both figures are the best in their respective categories among all major cities.

• Cambridge, the site of Harvard University is a close second in both categories and consequently is second in the overall rankings.

• The only other big city where more than 36 percent of all adults have advanced degrees is Berkeley, the location of the University of California.

The results for all 269 major cities can be found in the database below. Eleven California cities rank among the top 50 on today's list, easily the best performance by any state. Arizona and Texas are a distant second with four entries each.


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