***BollyFit Summer Sparkles Class starts May 30th***

in Ann Arbor, Announcement

BollyFit Summer Sparkles class celebrates summer and prepares students for a large demo at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival June 25-29. Enjoy 2 hours of class per week until the Festival, free bonus rehearsals the week of the Festival, and a chance to participate in the BollyFit “Retreat” at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. The “Retreat” will showcase BollyFit students and is a chance to invite friends and family to experience fitness that’s fun! Furthermore, a very special top-secret event will be the piece de resistance of the Summer Festival. Details on this secret event are revealed only to registered students.

Come learn the basic elements of Indian dance in a class that emphasizes the spiritual and artistic elements of dance beyond the movements. Students are encouraged to develop space and stillness within and are taught that the eyes and smile are an essential aspect of communicating in class, and beyond. Absolutely no experience is necessary--all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome in our representative community of women.

For registration and more information visit: www.bollyfit.com
Anyone who joins with a friend a special discount of $25 off registration.

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