Breaking News in 11th Congressional District: Dr. Taj for Congress

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The 11th Congressional district where Dr. Syed Taj is a Democratic candidate continues to make news. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced Thursday afternoon that his criminal division will investigate allegations of possible fraud in the nomination petitions. Today McCotter announced his decision to drop out of the race.
Excerpts from Free Press story: "U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, stung by a scandal over fradulent, duplicated and otherwise invalid signatures in support of his re-election campaign, is dropping his short-lived plan to run as a write-in in the Aug. 7 Republican primary...
After reviewing the signatures, McCotter - at a loss to explain what had happened - requested the Secretary of State to pull his name from the ballot and turn the matter over to the state Attorney General for investigation..."
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There is breaking news about the 11th Congressional district where Dr. Syed Taj is a Democratic candidate. The 11th Congressional district covers Auburn Hills, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Canton, Farmington, Troy, Rochester Hills, Livonia and neighboring cities and townships. The Republican incumbent Congressman, Mr. Thaddeus McCotter, did not collect enough valid signatures to be on the Republican primary ballot. This is how Free Press reported the story.
But Dr. Taj has to first get though the Democratic primary of August 7th. There is primary challenge from Mr William Roberts. Just a few weeks ago, this looked like an uncontested primary, but now Dr. Taj has to spend money to reach out to voters across the large district 11 to campaign and win the primary.

The campaign needs help to spread the word of his candidacy and needs financial contributions. You can find out about Dr. Taj, issues he cares about, and make contribution on the website,

Dr. Taj needs our help now to win the primary. Let us all work together to send Dr. Taj to Washington. Please visit and offer your support.

-Mahendra Kenkre
Chair, Michigan Indo-American Democratic Caucus (MIADC)

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