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Coming Soon: Delhi Hut - Indian Diner
45380 Hanford, Canton, MI 48187
Intersection: Hanford Road & Canton Center Road
Phone Number: 734-254-1423; Fax Number: 734-254-1435
Email: thedelhihut@yahoo.com

Simple, Fast, Healthy
Snack, KathiWraps, Roti-wiches, Naan-wiches, Dessert, Refreshing Drinks, Special Punjabi Style Food, And All Your Other Favorite Dishes. Delhi Culture With Punjabi Style Food. Our Chefs Have Combined Experience Of Cooking Tandoori, Punjabi Dishes, And Mithai Sweets For Over 30 Years.
Congratulations Delhi Hut. Wishing you good Luck- www.mibihar.com

Mini Meals

1. Samosa
Potato stuffed pastry baked for hearty healthy snacking $2.99
2. Chaat
Crunchy white flour chips with chickpeas, potatoes, and sauces $3.99
3. Aloo Tikki
Delicious potato patties served with sauces $2.99
4. Chana Samosa
Potato stuffed pastry served with seasoned chickpeas $4.49
5. Paneer Samosa
Pastry stuffed with flavored homemade cheese $3.49
6. Tikki Chaat
Potato patties served with seasoned chick peas $4.49
7. Choley Bhaturey
Spicy chickpeas served with fried bread $6.99
8. Poori Choley
Spicy chickpeas served with fried wheat bread $6.49
9. Daal Makhni & Naan
Creamy seasoned lentils served with baked bread $6.99
10. Punjabi Kadhi & Rice
Special yogurt curry with rice $6.99
Add Fountain Drink for just $1.00

Weekend Special (Friday-Sunday)

11. Halwa, Puri & Choley
Chickpeas with whole wheat fried bread and semolina dessert $6.99
12. Makki Roti & Saag
Corn bread with spicy spinach puree $7.99
Add Lassi or Fountain Drink for just $1.00

Roti-Wich/Naan-Wich (Indian Bread Sandwich )
Stuffed with Onions, Peppers, Rice, and Masala Sauce

13. Veg Delight
Assorted garden vegetables $5.99
14. Chicken Tikka
Traditional marinated tender Chicken $6.99
15. Paneer Tikka
Tangy grilled kitchen made cheese $6.99
16. Lamb Delight
Lamb cooked in chef special spices $6.99

Delhi Kathi Wraps (Flaky flatbread stuffed with various fillings and chutney)

17. Aloo Masala
Sauteed potatoes with a blend of Indian spices $5.99
18. Paneer Bhuna
Cubed kitchen-made cheese and bell peppers $6.99
19. Paneer Bhurji
Scrambled cheese spicy stuffing $6.99
20. Veg Delight
Delicious Combination of mixed vegetables $5.99
21. Chicken Tikka
Traditional marinated chicken pieces $6.99
Delhi Pizza (Personal size pizza with unique gourmet toppings)
22. Paneer Tikka
Succulent Indian cheese and onions $5.99
23. Simply Spinach
Flavored pizza sauce topped with spinach $6.49
24. Chicken Tikka
Spicy Chicken with Onions $6.99
25. Double Mazza
Topped with extra cheese $4.99

Create your Entree (Served with rice or naan)

26. Choose an ingredient

A26 B26 C26
Paneer Chicken Lamb
$7.99 $8.99 $9.99

Choose Delhi Hut Sauce (Hot or Mild):
Curry Perfect blend of spices cooked with fresh onions, ginger, and garlic
Butter Masala Combination of creamy tomato based sauce cooked with herbs
Kadhai Onions and peppers sauteed in authentic gravy
Korma Sweet creamy gravy for mild food lovers
Saagwala Spinach cooked with authentic spices and herbs
Vindaloo Very spicy gravy topped with potatoes

Chef's Special Chicken
(Served with rice or naan)

27. Chicken Tandoori
Marinated chicken baked and served with onions $7.99
28. Chicken Tikka
Marinated boneless chicken served with onions $8.99
29. Chicken Hariyali
Boneless chicken prepared with spinach, cilantro, and mint $8.99
30. Chilli Dilli Chicken
Crispy boneless chicken in chilli honey sauce $8.49
31. Delhi Reshmi Kabob
Minced chicken marinated and baked $8.99
Vegetarian (Served with naan or rice)
32. Mattar Paneer
Cubes of homemade cheese cooked in creamy aromatic sauce $7.99
33. Paneer Tikka
Kitchen-made cheese cooked in Delicious paste of Indian spices $8.99
34. Chilli Paneer
Sauteed Cheese, onions, and peppers in chilli honey sauce $8.99
35. Malai Kofta
Cheese and vegetable fried dumplings cooked in creamy sauce $9.99
36. Aloo Gobi (Seasonal)
Fabulous mixture of potatoes and cauliflower garnished with herbs $7.99
37. Navrattan Korma
Mixed vegetables prepared in chef special sauce $8.99
38. Daal Makhni
Whole black lentils cooked North Indian style with cream and spices $6.99
39. Punjabi Choley
Chick peas cooked in special spicy combination $6.99
40. Baingan Bharta
Grilled eggplant cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes $7.99
41. Achari Aloo
Deep fried potatoes tempered with pickled spices and herbs $7.99
42. Aloo Dilwala
Deep fried baby potatoes cooked in chef's special sauce $8.99
Rice Dishes
43. Plain Basmati Rice $2.99 $2.99

World famous Basmati rice 44. Chicken Biriyani
Basmati rice cooked with chicken and ground spices $8.99
45. Egg Biriyani
Basmati saffron rice cooked with eggs n ground spices $8.99
46. Lamb Biriyani
Basmati rice cooked with spices and lamb cubes $9.99

Delhi Style Soups

47. Masala Tomato
Tomato soup with blend of spices $2.99
48. Lentil Garlic
Soup Fragrant stew of fresh lentils and garlic $2.99
49. Murgh Sweet Corn
Traditional chicken corn soup $3.49
50. Mulightany
Traditional lentil chicken soup with touch of lemon $3.49


51. Raita
Seasoned homemade yogurt with cucumber $2.99
52. Delhi Salad mix
Assorted fresh vegetables with mint dressing $4.99
53. Masala Onions
Onions and chillies with Indian spices $1.99
53A. Mango Chutney
Tangy flavored mango relish $1.99


54. Plain Naan
Freshly baked unleavened bread $1.49
55. Butter Naan
Plain naan topped with butter $1.49
56. Roti
Freshly baked whole wheat bread $1.49
57. Onion Kulcha
Naan stuffed with onion and herbs $2.99
58. Lacha Paratha
Multi-layered whole wheat bread $2.99
59. Garlic Naan
Naan with a touch of garlic $2.99

Pakoras For You

60. Mixed Pakora
Flavorful vegetarian fritters $4.99
61. Chicken Pakora
Tender Chicken, delicately spiced and batter fried $5.99
62. Fish Pakora
Chef's special masala seasoned fried fish and Punjabi masala $6.99


63. Mango Ice Cream
Delhi style mango flavored ice cream $2.99
64. Pista Kulfi
Exotic Indian ice cream with pistachios $2.99
65. Falooda Drink
Perfect combo of noodles, rose syrup, and ice cream $3.99
66. Rajdhani Kheer
House special rice pudding $2.49


67. Sweet Lassi
Rose flavored refreshing drink $2.99
68. Mango Lassi
Mango flavored yogurt drink $2.99
69. Fountain Drinks
Coke, Diet, Sprite, Lemonade, Root-Beer $1.49
70. Bottle Soda
Coke, Diet, Sprite $1.79

Prices subject to change
We appreciate your business

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