'How fortunate Jharkhand is with resources?'

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Ranchi: Jharkhand has natural resources in abundance, so also malnutrition, poverty, unemployment and a host of other problems, Chief Minister Arjun Munda said on Saturday, October 21st.

Speaking at a felicitation ceremony in honour of Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir, Munda said the irony was that the state has enormous wealth underground, besides the vast forestry area which balances the environment. "... Yet the state has malnutrition, poverty, unemployment and other problems either in the forest area or in the coal-iron ore belt... Socio-economic problems are attributed to the low human development index," Munda said.
Noting that Justice Kabir knows Jharkhand very well as he had been Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court earlier, Munda suggested if one could ponder over Jharkhand's two extreme sides.

"It's a matter to be pondered over. On the one hand how fortunate is Jharkhand having enormous riches underground and to what extent it is unfortunate (for having the resources)," suggested Munda, adding rivers in the mining area have become polluted and not fit for consumption.

Pledging his government's commitment in providing good governance, Munda said 45,000 new born girl children have been added to the Laxmi Ladli Yozana, which would guarantee a substantial amount to the child on attaining 18 years.

Noting that the government has introduced "Jevan Asha" to combat malnutrition, Munda said all welfare programmes would be linked with Aadhaar (UIDAI) across the state.

The government, he added, was also making efforts in setting up economic corridor, knowledge city and water management.

Source: PTI

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