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Dr. Padmaja Nandigama is extremely effective in giving motivational talks.With a doctorate in Psychology and an immense passion to help others, she is well qualified to motivate subjects of different age groups on diverse issues. If you are looking for a motivational speaker for your event, Dr. Padmaja can offer you different motivational themes like:

*Building self esteem.
*Improving communication.
*Developing attitudes to shape life.
*Motivating yourself and others.
*Emotional balance in a chaotic world.

*Developing professional presence.
*Resolving conflict and dealing with difficult people.
*Stress management strategies and
*Positive thinking and wellness.

Dr. Padmaja's goals as a Motivational Speaker/Life Coach is to help all the sections of the community. Her motivational seminars have helped women develop a healthy lifestyle, improve parenting skills, and find a right balance of work and family life. Many students who have seeked her assistance have successfully build a positive self esteem along with attitudes that have helped them achieve desired goals and success in their academics.People at work place have seen a sharp improvement in their communication skills, developed professional presence and learnt to deal with diffcult situations by resolving conflicts. Dr. Padmaja has years of experience in motivating people to build their self esteem, develop positive thinking and adapt a life plan for effective human relations.

Here is a an article on setting "Goals" by Dr. Padmaja Nandigama

You can take control of your present and future by setting goals. Goals will enhance your self esteem and make you feel empowered. You should set some short term as well as long term goals. For example short term goals can be what you want to achieve in 6 months to a year and long term goals could be those that you want to achieve in 5 yrs time.

You should set goals to address different aspects of your life. For example, some personal goals, professional goals, health goals and more.
I am suggesting some tips that can help you set your goals:

•You should spend time to identify what you want to change in your life. Your goals should be measurable, realistic and achievable.

•You should develop a plan to achieve the goals. Write the goals and goal-achieving plans on paper. Review your plan daily. Repetition increases the probability of success.

•Cultivate a positive environment around you. You should have people around who will motivate you. Reinforcement from people around will help you move forward.

•You can find a mentor or a support group to help you with your goals.

•You should monitor your behavior. Small successes boost your self esteem. Increase in self esteem will make you feel empowered.

•Revisit the plan, and make necessary changes if needed.

•Be patient—it will take time to see the fruits of you hard work.

Dr. Padmaja has numerous publications and seminars to her her credit. A few notable mentions are:
Comparative analysis of Individualistic vs Collective societies at International Focus series at School Craft College, Livonia, MI.

Effective Stress management Startegies at Off the beaten Path Bookstore and Cafe, Farmington, MI.

Attend Dr. Padmaja's motivational seminars, workshops at Michigan and surrounding areas and let her guide you to be motivated, boost your self esteem, empower yourself, find inner peace and to achieve your goals.

Dr. Padmaja Nandigama is available for individual life coaching sessions and seminars. To book an appointment for your personal meeting, group sessions or public speaking at your event please contact Dr. Padmaja Nandigama 248-219-1906 or email her at

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