Metro Detroit' Largest Hindu Temple To Mark Consecration of New Prayer Hall in Five-Day Celebration

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TROY, Mich. - May 25, 2012 - The Bharatiya Temple, Metro Detroit's oldest and largest Hindu congregation, will mark the ceremonial opening and consecration of its newly built worship hall with a grand celebration this spring, June 13-17, 2012.

The event, known as a Prana Pratishtha (PRAA-na pra-THISH-ta), or "infusion of vital energy," will bring thousands of worshippers and well-wishers from around the region to the Bharatiya Temple to witness the opening of the ornate prayer hall, the centerpiece of a 35,000-square-foot expansion project completed last year. The new hall features shrines made of natural marble, with decorative trim hand-carved by artisans in India and assembled by masons from Metro Detroit.

The colorful consecration ceremonies will unfold over five days, led by the temple's scholarly priests and following the same precise sequence of religious rites that accompanied the rise of India's ancient temples. In addition to the religious ceremonies, the celebration will include traditional Indian music and dance performances and discourses, as well as midday and evening meals for all visitors. Religious observances begin at 8 a.m. each day.

"Our Hindu religion recognizes that people have the freedom, and the need, to worship and connect to God in many different ways," said Tom Patel, chairman of the Bharatiya Temple's board of trustees. "The new prayer hall that we are consecrating next month is a large, open and peaceful place that will let the people in our community enjoy that freedom. Once the doors open, they will be open to all."

About the Bharatiya Temple:

THE BHARATIYA TEMPLE OF METROPOLITAN DETROIT is the oldest Hindu temple in Southeastern Michigan, serving a large and diverse community of Hindu Americans across the region.

The temple is a hub of religious and cultural activity year-round. The building is open every day of the year, with extended hours on weekends and special services on Sunday morning. Private religious rites can be performed by one of the two priests on staff, either on premises or in the homes of the ­devotees.

Members of the community educate one another through courses in Sanskrit, Hindi, regional languages, Hindu philosophy and practice, yoga, music, dance and several other subjects.

Among the temple's most important assets are its Bal Bharati youth wing, which provides younger members of the congregation opportunities to interact and serve the community; the Bharatiya Seniors, an organization devoted to helping senior citizens live more fulfilling lives; and a diverse, progressive congregation that proudly embraces and cultivates traditions from all parts of India.


Tom Patel
Chairman, Board of Trustees
The Bharatiya Temple
Phone: 248-961-3666

Pravin Patel
Chairman, Prana Pratishtha Committee
The Bharatiya Temple
Phone: (248) 760-7537

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