Participate in an on-going राम चरित मानस मॉस पारायण: भारतीय मंदिर Tulsi Ramayan -Daily Recitation

in Troy, Announcement

Tulsidas Ramayana - Maas-Parayana (in Hindi)and A Reception to Ram-Parivar at Bharatiya Temple, Troy
Start: May 14, 2012: Conclusion: June 12, 2012
Times: 7:30-9:00 PM, Everyday
Venue: New Temple Building, Upper Classroom
The Bharatiya Temple had an auspicious beginning on July 19, 1981, and the very first major religious function celebrated in the Temple was a 24-hour Ramayana Paath. To keep up with the fine tradition, just prior to the Pran-Prathishtha ceremony of the New Temple, we wish to fill the new Temple building with the sounds of the story and names of Lord Ram.
It will take place every day for one month during May 14-June 12, 2012 at 7:30-9:00 PM.

All are welcome to attend, recite the glory of Sri Ram and fill the new Temple building with the story of Ram and the sounds of the holiest of Sri Vishnu’s numerous names.
Kindly sign-up (name and phone number) in the sheets below as a lead volunteer (we need at least 2, each day) for reciting Ramayana on individual days.
Baal-Kaand starts: 05/14 Sundar-Kaand starts: 06/06
Ayodhya-Kaand starts: 05/26 Lanka-Kaand starts: 06/07
Aranya-Kaand starts: 06/04 Uttar-Kaand starts: 06/10
Kishkindha-Kaand starts: 06/05 Conclusion: 06/12
We are also looking for lead persons for the recitation on individual days. Please sign up to be the lead reciter by calling Kedar Agarwal (248-941-0354) or Madan Kaura (248-476-4206) or Temple Office (248-879-2552).

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