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VOTE TODAY!! Nov 8th Tuesday
Ramesh Verma, a Novi resident for over 32 years and an active community leader announces his candidacy for the Novi City Council. Ramesh Verma was born in Burma and was brought up in India. After his graduation in civil engineering, he joined Indian Army as a commissioned officer. He has worked with a diverse group of people and learned their languages, customs, and religions. He left India as a Captain in the Corps of Engineers when he came to USA in 1972.
I firmly believe in fiscal discipline, smaller government for better governance and freedom of expression. I pledge to work in the areas for enhancement to improve the quality of services to senior citizens, support public safety and further economic development. I humbly request your valued support and vote in my candidacy to the Novi City Council - Ramesh Verma
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He worked for University of Michigan for over 24 years. In 1989, he researched and wrote report on the “ Multicultural Environment in the University of Michigan Hospitals.” His report’s fourteen recommendations were accepted and implemented by the hospitals executive director’s council. He co-founded the University of Michigan Medical Center diversity council and in 1991 became the chairman of the diversity training and communication task team. He went through the training to become a certified diversity trainer. He taught managing diversity to the hospitals supervisors and managers. He also chaired and directed two huge multicultural programs at the University of Michigan Medical Center.

His efforts led to the institution of an award in his name “ Ramesh Verma Diversity Award” for outstanding commitment to honoring the strengths and differences amongst the community. He was the first recipient of this award.

He is not only advocate of diversity, but he has woven issues of diversity in to the very fabric of his being.

Ramesh Verma has served with distinction on the Governors Commission on Services to the Aging for over seven years. For his services to the senior citizens of the state, he received the following citation:
“Ramesh for your exceptional accomplishments as a Michigan citizen and continued commitment to the service of others, you are deserving of special recognition by all the citizens of Michigan”.

Ramesh has written and spoken on cultural diversity and principles of total quality. In 1997 Governor Engler selected him to the board of examiners for Michigan Quality Council Leadership Award. In 2004 Governor appointed him as Commissioner to the Service to the AGING and in 2010 commissioner to Asian Pacific for American Affairs. In 2007, Novi city mayor David Landry elected him to the City Library Board of Trustees.

Ramesh worked with legislatures, Governor’s office, and department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth concerning placing cremated human remains in the form of ashes in to waters of Michigan. Governor of Michigan signed it on Nov 2008

Ramesh has been awarded “ Excellence Award” by the India League of America-Michigan and “Distinguished Service Award” by the Festival of India, Detroit for outstanding services to the community. The Michigan Bangladesh community honored him with two awards.

Ramesh is a respected member of community and is sought by the members in the times of need and difficulties. extends its best wishes to Ramesh Verma - Good Luck!

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