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The election is on November 8th. Ramesh Verma's campaign is looking for some volunteers who can make phone calls to the Novi voters from their home to vote for Ramesh Verma. Ramesh Verma will provide the list of voters with a script. Become a part of Ramesh Verma's election campaign. Get in touch ASAP. Your help is needed. E-mail: rameshverma4Novi@gmail.com

Please help elect Ramesh Verma to the Novi City Council this November. Every vote counts! Ramesh Verma is a community leader with a solid track record for selfless service. Ramesh has the integrity and talent to provide valuable service to the city of Novi.

Ramesh is committed to

•Enhancement to improve the quality of services to senior citizens living in Novi.
•Promote Novi as an investment destination for business and homes to diverse communities
•Support public safety and further economic development of the city of Novi for a better future.
•Work with administration to undertake serious actions on high frequency crash intersections for the safety of the residents in Novi.

Letter to the Residents of Novi - Support Ramesh Verma's candidacy for the Novi City Council
Dear Fellow Residents of Novi:

After living in the fine city for over 32 years, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the city of Novi council, for which I am duly qualified. After leaving Indian Army as Captain in the Corps of Engineers, I spent a major part of my professional career in leadership roles, at the University of Michigan, developing and enhancing their facilities and infrastructure.

I have been serving on the Novi Library Board of Trustees since 2006 and was Vice President 2008-09. I served in the Novi Strom water management and flood control committee and as a certified Referee to the Novi youth soccer teams (1981-82). I was a member of the board of directors, Novi International Festivals (1989-92).

I served with distinction on the Governors commissions, Asian Pacific for American Affairs and on Services to the Aging. For my services to the senior citizens of the state for over seven years, I received the following citation:
“ Ramesh for your exceptional accomplishments as a Michigan citizen and continued commitment to the service of others, you are deserving of special recognition by all the citizens of Michigan.”

My unique blend of executive and leadership experiences will be an asset to the council. I strongly believe in fiscal discipline, small government for better governance and freedom of expression. I pledge to work in the areas for enhancement to improve the quality of services to senior citizens, support public safety and further economic development.

I humbly request your support in my candidacy for membership to the Novi city council.


Ramesh Verma
45725 Jaslyn Lane
Novi, Mi 48374
Paid for by Ramesh Verma4Novi council committee

For more information click here:http://rameshverma4novi.com/index.html

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